«Tatort Tell»

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«Tatort Tell», das perfekte Abenteuer für Familien, Freunde, Firmen und Vereine
Foto: Valentin Luthiger

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Tatort Tell vor dem Telldenkmal Altdorf
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Ihre Ausrüstung für den Tatort Tell
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Entdecken Sie das interaktive Geländespiel «Tatort Tell»
Foto: Valentin Luthiger


William Tell mirrors the soul of Switzerland like no other. The "Tatort Tell" outdoor detective game for all ages is great fun. Using modern production technology, it familiarises players with the national hero as it takes them through Uri's myth-laden mountain and lakeland scenery.

Investigate a murder

There's been a murder. A man's been shot dead in the Hohle Gasse (Hollow Way) near Küssnacht: a crossbow bolt struck him right in the heart.

As a police inspector, it's your job to investigate the case of the murdered bailiff. Equipped with a game map, crime scene cards, police ID and inspector's backpack, you set off in the Uri holiday region on the trail of the unerring marksman, William Tell. With 15 significant sites to examine, you investigate Tell's movements, one after the other. The case is solved experiment after experiment, while multimedia installations require you to remain alert at the various crime scenes. The detection aids in the inspector's backpack are there to help you reveal the secret.

The combination of solving puzzles and visiting original Tell sites in the midst of stunning mountain scenery in the Lake Uri region makes "Tatort Tell" the perfect social adventure for families, friends and all kinds of other groups.


Location and contact

Uri Tourismus AG
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf UR
+41 41 874 80 00